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The brands I've represented


Im from Cape Town, South Africa…Over the last 13+years I have taken every opportunity to mature my range of skill sets and experiences and apply myself in all disciplines of business and user centered design. Working in every field and learning every possible angle of the user experience in the field of web, graphic and motion design.

My career has provided me the insight to gain a deep knowledge and understanding of user-centred design methods and principles and being able to design products, be they websites, desktop or mobile apps that achieve their goals and deliver the intended user experience. It also means having an understanding of varying personas, scenarios, storyboards, design sketching and rapid prototyping; and of course knowing when and where to use them. I've thrived in many successful set ups and believe the ability to collaborate from design to development is an asset for any enterprise-scale company, where inter-disciplinary teams must find ways to work together.

More recently, I’ve dived deep into the European market sharpening my what if’s and WTF’s. which is quite possibly the reason you’re reading this right now..

I co-created my son am an avid watcher of 30 Rock, love pizza (I mean who doesnt) and I (very, very sadly) have no pets.

Hat sold optional..

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