(2017-2018) UX/UI Design, Product Design, Iconography

Testberichte .AG


My Role I was part of an ambitious project to redesign the Testberichte experience, My duties as Senior UX/UI Designer from the start ranged from User centered design solutions for a variety of new offerings across iOS, Android, Desktop and Web. I led efforts to evolve the service and address customer pain‐points related to the browse, info-sourcing and purchase experience. Tools utilizes for my duties were Sketch and Adobe Creative Suite.

Goals Achieved

An increase of 140,000 Visitors Per Month
Average monthly site visits increased by 23%
Unique visitors grew by 11,6%

When relaunching a well known brand it does not come without its issues, At Testberichte the new experience irked users on launch and certain measures needed to be taken to ensure we didnt lose any of them and and to guide them through what would be a great experience for them in more ways they could imagine and have expected. We set out to make the user-flow as easy as possible taking the changes and new shiny bits into account.
You can download the case study I compiled here.